The Team

Discord: @d3xm0rg#8290,
Twitter: @d3xm0rg — A full stack web developer who has recently started developing using web3 tech. Completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering earlier this year and currently working as a freelancer developer along with his day job.

Discord: @Rahulkumaran#9892,
Twitter: @RahulKumaran4 — A data scientist by the day, a gamer by the night, and a blockchain geek throughout! Began working on his first startup when he was doing his undergrad and sold it off before embarking on a journey into the world of Crypto, DeFi and NFTs. The guy loves BUIDLing & bringing people and products together!

Discord: @Rento#5966 — Junior Web Developer and still fresh in the world of crypto. When he is not developing websites, he will be thinking of ways to introduce our hamsters to more people in the world! In his free time however, he loves to chill and play some games or watch animes.

Discord: @Hammington#4869 — Artist and Project Lead. He works as a Chemical Engineering Intern in an MNC and has always been passionate about systems and processes. In his free time, he draws pixel art, trades NFTs on OpenSea and SOL markets, participates in various NFT communities, and learns the best practices. He is devoted to bringing the best of them in this project.

@Hammy4527 @Weeze9643 @rip.KRAM#8170 are good friends of @Rento#5966 and sometimes pop in to help out and gain knowledge about crypto and NFTs. They work together great as a team.

Drop us a DM at our discord server:



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