Rarity, PFP-NFTs, and Fantom Hamster Heroes

Druid X Hamster

This was made with haste, to let the idea wither out and die off was far too sinful. The rise of Loot and Rarity is ground-breaking. It almost feels like the NFT-equivalent of the birth of Ethereum. What Andre has achieved was as inspiring as what Dom has — the introduction of character roles and blockchain dailies.

Dailies have been largely ignored in blockchain games but have always been the crux of the most popular adventure games — think World of Warcraft and Runescape. When this meritocratic aspect of gaming exists, grinders can come out on top free, establishing respectable gamification. And to date, the most exciting development among the NFT space — PFPs, Generative Art, P2E, Loot & Rarity, and increasingly, photography.

Bard X Hamster

Now, where does the fate of PFP-NFT projects now lie? Well, they’re still gaining traction and are certainly far from dying off. Many projects would attempt to follow the roadmaps of Bored Ape Yacht Club, BAYC — building a brand, a story, and a metaverse on their own. And as more projects look alike, the average, wide-eyed, beginner investor in NFTs would be filled with too many community choices to join, too many stories and metaverses to be a part of.

Whilst decentralization has always been the main theme of anything increasingly successful now — think DeFi and Loot representing finances and art respectively, interoperability is largely underrated. The Fantom team has done great work in recognizing this, and understanding that the future of blockchains is interoperable. The rise of AnySwap and the cross-chain NFT-bridge proves this.

Fighter X Hamster

But are finance and NFTs the only things that are interoperable? Stories can be too. Fantom Hamster Heroes were intentionally created with a hopeful vision to embed themselves into the Rarity metaverse — be it as cursed adventurers, or creeps or dungeon bosses, but at the same time, playable. We are looking to be the expansion pack.

Think — World of Warcraft: Mist of Panderia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvYXoyxLv64

Or Warcraft Frozen Throne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqB3KeiBLuw where the Naga (race) are former highborn elves who mutated into vengeful humanoid sea serpents. Hamsters can be cursed adventurers.

Hamsters — representing the cute, Animalia context of PFPs, and their rarity-themed equipment is an open offer to be part of an already-built metaverse. Imagining leveraging all community-run PFP projects into one metaverse, that would unlock the potential of Loot and Rarity even greater and makes it far easier for a beginner NFT investor to navigate. Stories are nice but stories built upon stories create epics.

Thank you.



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