How to buy or mint a Fantom Hamster Hero NFT?

1. Download your cryptocurrency wallet, Metamask: Never share your Seed Phrase or Password.

2. Add the blockchain network, Fantom Opera to your Metamask using this tutorial:

3. Deposit at least 50.1 FTM to your Metamask for 1 mint, making sure it’s under Fantom Opera Mainnet. The 0.1 FTM is for gas fees.

4. Proceed to before mint day and time, Saturday, 16th October, 4pm UTC.

5. Select the number of Hamster Heroes you like to mint and press the “MINT” button when the countdown ends.

Note: $FTM can be on the Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Mainnet or Fantom Opera Mainnet, please make sure it is on the Fantom Opera Mainnet first.

One way to get FTM on Fantom Opera Mainnet is by buying from them through Binance and sending via the “Fantom Network” as shown here.

Another way is to bridge your ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Fantom Opera Mainnet through before swapping them for FTM on the same website. This will require gas fees.



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