Project Update

An update from the Project Lead (Hammington)


One of the biggest reasons why I thought a DAO would succeed is because it’s the only sustainable way for any project to keep moving. This is because projects, while backed by the initial pool of money cannot and have not reached a stage where they can displace select people from their initial lives and jobs in the real world for a prolonged period of time. Nonetheless, appreciate anybody who is free to drop in to come to aid us in our development.

Prior to mint, we have insisted that we would stay on the medium side of development and not venture too far ahead in “new ideas” and follow MonkeDAO and ThugDAO on Solana as much as we can but time would tell that in the NFT space, the strongest and most efficient teams come out on top eventually, such as Boryoku Dragon, Mindfolk, and Taiyo Robotics eventually did with their breeding and tokenomics. And on the ETH side, Bored Ape Yacht Club and RTFKT. In the end, we have ventured too far into the “trendy” side of development.

Ironically, as raj.sol, co-founder of Solana put it in this way. Knowing that NFT space moves probably 10x faster than the crypto space, NFT-DAOs would nonetheless suffer more when failing to produce NFT-Utility. Nonetheless, are we no longer a DAO? No, we still are, just that the decisions are undertaken and treasury controlled by a smaller group of decentralized individuals spread around the world.

What's next? How challenging would it be? Are we still early?

Previously, the FantomHAM NFT Collection was made with the sole and distinct aim of entering the Rarity Metaverse as monsters or transformed Rarity Summoners but one has to concede that the hype that Andre has created, that was once inspired by Loot, has died and many players have left. Blockchain dailies are not sustainable. But that does not mean we are unable to enter a gamified metaverse — where our avatars/weapons/classes are un-usable. The goal is to have our Hamsters PVP with each other. The Sandbox holds key to all these.

But wouldn’t it be on Ethereum?

Yes, but it is moving to Polygon.

The biggest dilemma lies that we are on the Fantom Blockchain but are determined to enter the Sandbox Metaverse. Bridging assets may not be the best way as Vitalik has warned that the future of assets may be multi-chain, not cross-chain due to security limits. This is further amplified by the 120 ETH exploit on Solana’s bridge.

Also, the halt of the development of the NFT-Bridge by Andre and Multichain did not help either. Nonetheless, we will continue to look into the latest developments on these.

The ideal scenario that can be determined now for our Fantom Hamster Heroes to reach the SANDBOX is to create a separate contract on Ethereum/Polygon and have our holders mint a Voxel (VX)-equivalent of Hamster and reward those who hold both their FTM pixel Hams and ETH VX Hams by limiting their gateway to our Sandbox Lands only if they hold FTM pixel Hams. It may or may not be achievable and have many complications.

Nonetheless, on the creative side of things. We are full-speed ahead on developing our VX Hams. We have hired an experienced ETH VX artist DomZ who has developed VX models for 3 Ethereum NFT collections and is closely knitted to the CyberKongz community.

We have contacted/looking to contact the two following Sandbox metaverse developers to gamify/develop our Sandbox Lands. They are MV Studios and The Land Vault.

Are we still early?

Yes, and by a lot in the NFT Stratosphere. Consider this. There are 80 million worldwide who hold crypto. There are 300,000 active traders on OpenSea (Ethereum). There are 40,000 active traders on Magic Eden (Solana). There are 2,000 active traders on PaintSwap (Fantom).

Key takeaways:

  1. More centralized decision-making with macro-vision to enter the metaverse in the DAO.
  2. Creative work on the VX Hams and Sandbox Lands has commenced.



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