1. To be listed and verified on PaintSwap and Artion.

2. Rarity (no specific ranking yet) to be checkable through FantomEye.

3. Discord-Paintswap sales-bot integration.

4. Rarity (with specific ranking and algorithm) to be checkable through our webpage www.fantomham.com.

5. Discord-Metamask Verification Tool for private channel to form the DAO

6. Discord-Twitter sales-bot.

7. Auction of 11 Legendary Hamsters at Tombheads Auction House and PaintSwap.

8. Start the 300 FTM Bounty Program on the nearest weekend.

9. Integration of the Hamster Heroes community and SnapShot, a frontend/UI for multi-sig wallet voting.

10. Start the DAO’s Proposals on the nearest weekend.



Fantom Hamster Heroes

Fantom Hamster Heroes

Fantom Hamster Heroes is a collection of 3333 uniquely and randomly generated NFTs stored on the Fantom Blockchain.